Structure of Vietnam Education

The Vietnam education structure encompasses school education and higher education.

School Education in Vietnam

School education in Vietnam is split up into primary, lower secondary, upper secondary and secondary technical and vocational education. At the age of 6 students enter the primary schools in Vietnam. The primary education is mandatory in Vietnam. After completion of primary school, students can go for lower secondary education that lasts for 4 years, followed by 3 years of upper secondary school studies.  

Secondary technical education schools provide pupils technical skills and knowledge of the intermediate level. Upon graduation, pupils receive a diploma. After completion of secondary schooling, student must appear for a universal graduation examination- the Bang Tốt Nghiệp PhốThong Trung Học. This exam is managed and supervised by the Ministry of Education and Training. Passing this exam makes a way for admittance into the higher education sector of Vietnam. It is one of the admission requisite. Then students are required to pass an entrance exam known as “Ky Thi Tuyen Vao Dai Hoc”- the university entrance examination in order to gain admittance into the university in Vietnam.  

Higher Education in Vietnam 

Higher education in Vietnam is offered by universities, institutes and colleges. In Vietnam, there are private, public, people-founded, and semi-public institutions of higher learning. The Ministry of Education and Training and educational authorities at the provincial level managed and administer the higher education institutions in Vietnam. The language of instruction at all levels of education in Vietnam is Vietnamese.

Structure of Vietnam Education

Period of compulsory education

Entry age: 6

Exit age: 11

Pre-primary Education

  • Ages: 3-6
Pre-primary education is imparted by:
  • Pre-school Playgroups: For 3-4 years old
  • Kindergarten: For 4-6 years old

Primary Education

  • School offering this form of education: Primary School
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Ages: 6 to 11
  • Grades: 1-5
  • Credential awarded: Certificate of Primary Education

Lower Secondary Education

  • School offering this form of education: Basic Secondary School
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Ages: 11 to 15
  • Grades: 6-9
  • Credential awarded: Certificate of Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary Education

  • School offering this form of education: Specialized Secondary School
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Ages: 15 to 18
  • Grades: 10-12
  • Credential awarded:  Secondary School Graduation Certificate (Bang Tot Nghiep Pho Thong Trung Hoc)

Technical and Vocational Secondary Education

Students take admittance upon completion of either lower secondary or upper secondary education. 
  • School type offering this type of education: Vocational Technical Secondary School
  • Duration: 3- 4 years
  • Ages: 15 to 18

Tertiary Education

Vietnam has higher education institutions where one can obtain bachelor’s degree, masters or a doctorate degree. In Vietnam, bachelor’s degree requires 4-6 years, a master’s degree requires 2 years, and a PhD/doctorate degree requires 3-5 years.
  • Ages: 18 and above (Varies) 
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