Entrance Examinations for Higher Education in Vietnam

Tuyển sinh đại học va cao đẳng 

Kỳ thi tuyển sinh đại học va cao đẳng is a common entrance examination for admission into the higher education institutions in Vietnam.  This test is taken by the Ministry of Education and Training. The exam is held once every year. Students must pass a high school or upper secondary school graduation exam in order to sit for this common exam.
The examination is generally held in three sessions on varying dates.

Note: This examination is no more in practice. Universities use score of last qualifying exam as selection criteria. Also, many conducts separate entrance test for admission.


Students who hold a high school graduation certificate or its equivalent are eligible to sit for the exam.

Test Blocks and Test Subjects

Basic Blocks

The basic blocks and the subjects included in these blocks are as follows:

Block A: Chemistry, mathematics and physics
Block A1: English language, mathematics, physics
Block B: Chemistry, mathematics and biology
Block C: History, literature and geography
Block D: Foreign languages, mathematics and literature
  • D1: English language, literature and mathematics
  • D2: Russian language, literature and mathematics
  • D3: French language, literature and mathematics
  • D4: Chinese language, literature and mathematics
  • D5: German language, literature and mathematics
  • D6: Japanese language, literature and mathematics

Gifted Blocks

Block H: Literature, gifted art covers drawing with pencil color and graphics 
Block K: Engineering profession, mathematics and physics
Block M: Gifted covers storytelling, singing or expressive reading; literature and mathematics
Block N: Gifted music 2 subjects and literature
Block R: Gifted, literature and history
Block T: Gifted sports, biology and mathematics
Block V: Drawing art, mathematics and physics

Scoring: Each subject is scored out of 10/10 marks

National University Entrance Examination

Upon successful completion of the upper secondary educational level, students must sit for a national university entrance examination. This examination comprises of a set of 6 exams. The National University Entrance Examination is managed and supervised by higher education institutions.


Students who have a certificate of secondary school graduation are eligible to sit for the national university entrance examination.

Dates and Deadlines

The examination is held in late May or early June. 
Application Procedure: The application procedure for the examination starts in April with universities stating their required standards.

Subjects Tested

Students are assessed in the following subjects:
  • Foreign language, generally English
  • Vietnamese literature
  • Mathematics
  • One of three other subjects

Examination Groups

Examinations are conducted in one of five groups depending on the major, the student wants to go for:
Group A- for specialization in engineering, physics and computer science: Chemistry, mathematics and physics 
Group B- for specialization in medical and biological sciences: Chemistry, mathematics and biology 
Group C- for specialization in social sciences and humanities: Literature, history and geography
Group D- for specialization in foreign trade and foreign language: Foreign languages, mathematics and literature
Group E- for specialization in some other fields: Physics, mathematics and another subject 
Students who are not sure about their major they wish to go for can take multiple examinations.  


Each subject examination is scored out of 10 points and pupils must attain a grade of at least 5 in each subject in order to pass.

The cut-off scores vary from university to university. Each institution sets its own cut-off scores for admittance. Generally, colleges have a score of 10 out of 30; while universities have 13 and above with top universities having a cut-off score of about 20 points. 
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