Vietnam as a Study Destination

Vietnam covers the southern and the eastern region of the Indochina Peninsula located in South-east Asia. Vietnam is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Since Year 2000, the country's economic growth has been boosting.
Vietnam has many towns, cities, and villages to explore thus making it a fascinating place to study abroad. It is blend of different people and cultures. Vietnam offers opportunities to develop professionally, personally, intellectually and culturally. Vietnam is a crucial trade partner and strategic partner to the United States government; For private businesses this country is an investment opportunity because of its strong economy; and for others, the country is emerging as a great travel destination.  Its culture, music and literature, all are well developed. Following are the more reasons to study abroad in Vietnam:

Wide Academic Offerings

Higher education institutions in Vietnam offer a wide range of study programmes in different fields, such as Ho Chi Minh City specializes in science and technology while Hanoi University specializes in language studies.

Welcoming and Learning Environment

The people in Vietnam are affable and welcoming. It provides a great learning environment as per the international standards. Vietnam has a multi-cultural environment that provides an immersion into the culture of South-east Asia. 

Affordable Living and Studying

Vietnam is an economical study destination. One can study and live easily and comfortably on student budget. Students can stay in student residences or in a shared apartment, or homestays. There are many accommodation options available for students. Also, getting in and around the country is easy and cheap. You can travel around by taxi, bus, or hire a local motorbike. 

Experience a New Culture and Learn a New Language

Vietnam is a home to several ethnic groups. By living and studying in Vietnam, you can know about their culture. The official language in Vietnam is Vietnamese; however, English is also used. Studying abroad in Vietnam is a chance to develop and enhance your language skills, either by studying a language course or by practicing the language locally. 

Several Employment Opportunities

There are many employment opportunities available in Vietnam for international students. Individuals are employed in different sectors. To work while studying in Vietnam, international students must have a valid work permit. 
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