Vietnamese Language Proficiency Tests in Vietnam

The Vietnamese language proficiency test is taken by the Vietnamese Department of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City, and is considered valid to demonstrate the Vietnamese language proficiency level.

Proficiency Levels

The Vietnamese language proficiency test has three levels:

Level A: Elementary
Level B: Intermediate
Level C: Advanced


The Vietnamese language proficiency tests comprises of five parts:
  • Listening
  • Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking 
Each part is of 20 marks, thus the complete test is of 100 marks. 


This part is split up into 3 sections:
Section 1: Comprises of 10 questions.
Section 2 and 3: Comprises of 5 questions each. These sections consist of single dialogues. The recording is played and then the questions are read out. 

  • Total no. of questions: 20
Levels durations
  • Elementary level (A) or Intermediate level (B): 30 minutes
  • Advanced level (C): 30 minutes

Grammar & Vocabulary

In this part, questions involve a sentence with a missing word. Candidates are required to choose the correct word from the four options given. 
  • No. of questions: 60 
  • Duration: 30 minutes
Levels duration:
  • Elementary level (A) or Intermediate level (B): 20 minutes
  • Advance Level (C): 20 minutes


This part consists of comprehension and candidates must understand it and answer questions asked. The questions are multiple-choice with four options available.  The topic of the text varies.
  • No. of questions: 4 short texts, each with five questions
  • Elementary level (A) or Intermediate level (B) duration: 40 minutes
  • Advanced level (C) duration: 40 minutes


The writing exam comprises of 2 parts-

Part 1: This part has three sections, each with 5 questions. The first section involves writing a sentence using a particular grammatical structure; the second section requires you to complete the sentence and the third section requires you to frame the question as per the answer given.

Part 2: This part is a free writing wherein you’re required to select one of 2 topics given and write about it in 150-200 words

Each part is of 10 marks.
  • Elementary level (A) or Intermediate level (B) duration: 50 minutes
  • Advanced level (C) duration: 50 minutes


In this part, a group of 4 candidates is being called at a time and each candidate is required to choose a slip of paper with a question in it. A short amount of time is given to prepare that question. Candidates are required to talk about the question or topic given, express their viewpoints. The examiner may also ask follow-up questions on the related topic.
  • Elementary level (A) or Intermediate level (B) duration: 5 minutes
  • Advanced level (C) duration: 10 minutes

Scoring and Results

Candidates who score a minimum of 10 out of 20 for each of the sections are considered passed. Candidates who score 9 out of 20 may still pass if their total scores from all 5 examination sections is above 60.  Those who score 8 or less on any section are not considered passed. 
Candidates who score less than 9 can retake the exam and can only retake 2 different exam sections. 

The exam results are made public. Candidates who pass the exam are issued the certificate 10 days after the test date.
Results are graded as follows-

 Scale Grade Description
 90.00-100.00 A+ Excellent 
 80.00-89.00 A Very Good
 70.00-79.00 B Good
 50.00-69.00 CSufficiency
49.00 and Below F Fail

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